{ Choose From Our Three EPDM DIY Flat Roof Solutions }

Our One Piece membrane can be used on large or small flat roofs and shallow pitch roofs. This is our easiest system to install!  No special tools required to fit and is despatched in boxes for ease of handling.

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Our reinforced self adhesive membrane is perfect for complicated flat roofs, Hard wearing and is supplied in 10m x 1m rolls for easy installation, with only a hot air gun needed to weld the joints..

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Fitting a rubber roof yourself is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Measure your roof.
2. Order your product for delivery.
3. Fit your EPDM roof!

NO labour costs!
FREE expert advice!
DURABLE and EASY to fit!
SAVE time!
SAVE money!

DuoPly – the latest in high performance EPDM roofing technology, is a unique polyester fleece reinforced EPDM membrane that is supplied on a roll making it easy to lay and handle.  This product is excellent for uneven surfaces as the flleeceback helps to level it out.

Customer Testimonials


"We have built a solid reputation on using and selling Resitrix SKW that we buy from National Roofing, and together with the friendly, reliable, honest service we get will continue to buy for many years to come. THANK YOU"

B. Jones, Wiltshire
(AL King Roofing Merchants & Contractors)

"We have dealt with National Roofing for a number of years, buying both the one piece EPDM and the SK Rolls. We have had no product failures and have found the technical back-up to be excellent."

D. Abbott, Swansea
(ABX Building Products)

"We have been very impressed with the EPDM system from National Roofing. Amazing product, excellent customer service and speedy delivery - 10/10."

Mr T.J Radford, Weston-Super-Mare



One Piece EDPM DIY Rubber Roof

Got a straightforward large or small flat roof or shallow pitch roof? Our cost-effective One Piece DIY EDPM rubber roof comes in a single sheet and is our most versatile system – perfect for projects like these.

Self Adhesive EDPM DIY Rubber Roof

Got a flat roof that doubles as a walkway or terrace or a flat roof that includes pipes, parapet walls and other obstacles? Our hardwearing and versatile Self Adhesive DIY EDPM rubber roof is the roofing solution you need.

Duoply EDPM DIY Rubber Roof

Got an uneven flat roof that needs a hardwearing roofing solution? You need Duoply, our DIY rubber roof comes in a roll to make installation easy and is fleece-backed to smooth over uneven surfaces.

The ideal DIY roofing material

Everyone is tightening their belts at the moment. But sometimes, building projects can’t be put off for another day. A leaky or failing flat roof needs to be fixed now, not next year. Our DIY EDPM rubber roofs provide the solution you’re looking for. Installation requires no special skills and you can fit it in a day. The result? A sound, attractive flat roof at a fraction of the cost of calling in the professionals!